Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aiming For the Masters of Educational Leadership

If other methods of obtaining tuition do not completely cover the costs then Sallie Mae can pick up the slack.
Sallie Mae can lower the overall costs of a loan because it is a program where the interest due is paid while in school. A good way to reduce the interest rate is to have a cosigner. The better their credit score, the lower the interest rate.
Some employers will assist a grad student with their tuition. Many companies offer tuition reimbursement as well as scholarships. The rules for being granted this assistance varies from company to company. Often times it will only cover a portion of books or tuition. In most cases, an employer will request the money back, for termination from employment. While often, a forgotten way to fund school, it will be an excellent option.
Check into fellowships at the school. They will pay for school while allowing one to work in their field. Several schools offer these programs. Fellowships can be a great way to supplement or entirely pay for a masters education.

Before investigating federal funding or personal loans, ask the family. Often times, family will be very willing to help with whatever they can afford. Remember that a gift does not have to be repaid. If they offer a loan, then make sure that the proposed interest rate is in your favor. Getting a loan that is higher interest than a bank will not serve the best interest of the student. All agreements should be signed and notarized.
Aiming high for a masters of educational leadership is a noble endeavor. The student should be highly educated in all of the opportunities available to pay for the degree. Several websites are around to assist with these decisions. Always know all of the possibilities that are offered.

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